Starlight Essence of the month

Each month, Deborah chooses a Starlight Essence that is especially supportive for the current time. This is an essence that you can use on a daily basis, even in addition to other essences or sprays that you may be using. 

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November 2019: 108 Divine Ecstasy

This essence carries the energy of divine ecstasy which is an expression of the coming together of guidance and devotion. In this fusion the energies of creator connect with creation. In this moment divine bliss emerges. This ecstatic light leads to the release of creation impulses which penetrate and connect all levels. This is the dynamic energy of the creative act which finds its expression in divine ecstasy. This abundant endless power of light is released and you experience the creation of your own light. In this release of light you can dive into complete happiness. It penetrates all cells, all energy bodies and your whole being trembles from the interaction of these divine forces. The dynamic light presence is kindled and becomes alive and vibrant. Shiva and Shakti in the cosmic dance of unity. Krishna and Rada. Perfection in bliss. 





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Oktober 2019: 76 Krishna's Mouth

Krishna’s Mouth connects you with the qualities of Krishna who inspires and unites all realms with his joy and his singing; and through these gifts he brings into manifestation new worlds of light. This essence invites you to be part of this cosmic creation by bringing lightness into your body and supporting you as you expand and merge with God. Krishna’s Mouth lets you experience the divine praise that exists as sound in all worlds. It allows access and connection to your individual soul sound; and helps you through sound to share your light. It is supportive when expressing devotion through songs and mantras. 





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September 2019: 97 Divine Delight


Divine Delight lets you experience the diversity of the divine creation impulses and the endless joy for the levels of light that enter creation. This essence lifts your vibration and re-connects you with your own origin allowing your aura to shine brightly. Divine Delight helps you to become aware your own place in heaven and to take it. 


It brings you into harmony with your own light family; and it furthers the awareness of higher levels of light in order to bring them to Earth. Divine Delight strengthens the flow of communication between all worlds; and it helps you to experience yourself in unity with creation. 




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August 2019: 85 Lotus


Lotus gives transformation, liberation and healing. It aligns you with your own starlight and helps you to bring your own divine light and guidance into your life. It raises your vibration and penetrates all of your energy bodies aligning them with the divine light and your own heaven. This essence grants protection and comfort during times of transformation. It raises your own vibration as high as is tolerable.



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July 2019: 62 Wisdom of Destiny

Wisdom of Destiny connects you with your soul path, your destination and your goals. It helps you to bring your divine guidance through making it easier to focus and align yourself. This essence helps you to no longer identify with the past by illuminating your path so that you can see ahead and move forward. 


New Levels 2012 

Wisdom of Destiny allows access to all heavens and worlds, so that you can embrace your own life-task and your main incarnation goal. This essence now brings these clearly into focus that they may be acted upon. 



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June 2019: 33 Mykos

Mykos contains completed power potentials. It brings you into contact with the creation information of your sacral chakra. It frees the power to live your own light and to move on imperturbably. Mykos contains the power levels of the light. It helps you to accept your own power and to bring it into service. It contains the reigning levels of light. It activates your inner power core and helps you to take your steps. It carries the knowledge about the power of the light and helps to build the new foundation for the Golden Age. It furthers the awakening and reconnection with your true self and helps to let go of dependencies. It helps you to unfold your own divine potentials. 


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May 2019: 73 Samiva

Samiva brings an amazing awakening and a discovery of the boundlessness of your own light. It helps the physical body to tune in to these frequencies and it helps you to leave behind identification with old limited ways of living on Earth. This essence makes your physical body translucent so that it can carry the high frequency vibration of your soul’s light and it allows you to experience yourself as a being of light with unlimited possibility. Samiva enhances the ability to be both body and light at the same time, allowing you to experience lightness without losing contact with the Earth. 


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April 2019: 105 Divine Harmony

This essence connects you with the original sound of creation. All that is, is vibration and sound. Divine harmony is the foundation out of which the manifold sound patterns and frequencies of all beings and worlds are formed.

This essence allows you to attune yourself to the divine worlds of sound, to create harmonious resonances and to penetrate the light nets on Earth with them so that new resonances for light, love and peace can arise. When everybody lives in harmony with their own divine energy, it brings harmonious circumstances into life situations. This essence balances dissonances in your energy system and in rooms. It lifts the soul and helps you to find your own harmonious expression.

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March 2019: 95 Divine Humour

Divine Humour comes from the joyful flow of divine light which is expressed in the diversity of creation. Completely detached from the polarising forces on Earth, Divine Humour reminds you of your own divinity. This essence grants insights from a higher level thus making it easier to connect with your own light and joy. The essence helps you not to take yourself too seriously or to give too much power to situations in your life; and it helps you in finding solutions from the level of unity. Divine Humour awakens the consciousness for the great cosmic game helping you to find your own joyful expression and to bring it into your life. Divine Humour brings guidance that you may live your life harmoniously in accordance with the divine plan. Divine Humour frees you from being stuck in certain situations and patterns helping you to shape your life through happiness. 

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February 2019: 13 Equilibre

Equilibre supports the currents in the brain and restores balance. It enhances the flow between the left and right hemisphere. Equilibre helps you to integrate more light; and it supports a free flow of thoughts. 

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