Starlight Essence of the month

Each month Deborah chooses a Starlight Essence that is especially supportive for the current time.

This is an essence that you can use on a daily basis, even in addition to other essences or sprays that you may be using. 

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Januar 2022: 27 Causal Collapse

Sometimes you get into situations in your life where the karmic patterns are affecting you so deeply that you feel completely stuck. In these situations Causal Collapse brings you back into alignment and helps you to find solutions and see the way forward. When you have lost your way and nothing seems to be working this essence will touch you deep within your core and the way forward will show itself. Causal Collapse clears the situations on the karmic level and this then allows solutions to appear and manifest in the outer level. Causal Collapse strengthens your inner core of light. 

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December 2021: 112 Heaven and Earth

This essence carries the energy of unity, of heaven and Earth, removing any separation. It helps you to bring the light of heaven to Earth and to penetrate Earth with it, unlocking creation levels. This can be experienced in all your chakras which are your own creation levels. Unity of heaven and Earth is the foundation of creation. The light of heaven is finding a creation expression on Earth; and is now creating a golden age in which all worlds take part. This essence helps you to share the gifts of your heaven with Earth. It brings you into contact with your own creation power and it helps to free the inherent light held within Earth. With this essence, there is no holding back, all pours forth in the flow of the golden light of unity. The light realms of Earth are awakening. They were created as an expression of God’s light realms. Heaven and Earth helps you to wake up and take your place, creating your own world with this divine light; a new world that relates to heaven. Heaven and Earth essence promotes the recognition of the divine light in all aspects of creation. 

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November 2021: 29 Delight

Delight illuminates the causal body so that it is able to integrate higher frequencies of light and increase its vibration accordingly. Delight helps you to no longer identify with karmic structures; and it brings new possibilities for you to cope with aspects of the past. This essence encourages you to take your place as a light being and it supports you in your ascension process. 

New Levels 2012 

Delight adjusts your causal body to your hyper-causal body in order for you to dive into the completeness of your being. It supports the increase and shift of vibration according to the light matrix. 

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October 2021: 67 Magenta

Magenta reconnects you with your divine guidance, your creation purpose and your divine plan on all levels. It helps you to recognise the next steps on your path and to act upon them granting liberation and freeing you from the worlds of illusion. Magenta supports you in all phases of transition and transformation by reminding you of your own immortal light; and it opens gates so that you may enter new spaces. This essence connects you with the original shamanic wisdom in pure form. It supports everyone who travels in other realms or communicates with spirits, to do so with clarity, without getting lost and in alignment with divine law. 

New Levels 2012 

Magenta brings you into contact with the leadership levels of light so that the abundance of light in the new times becomes tangible and can be expressed through you in all areas of your life. Magenta supports a life of abundance in alignment with divine natural law; and through this essence new light structures are formed and new networks are created. This essence also enables access to star knowledge; and supports you as you travel through dimensional gates. 

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September 2021: 113 Sai Baba's Fulfilment

Sai Baba’s grace and endless abundance of light can be contacted through this essence. Sai Baba, as a divine incarnation, described in the Vedas, appeared as an incarnation on Earth to deliver God’s promise: the promise of the completion of the creation of light which has its expression in the Golden Age. It is an era of complete peace where everyone takes their place and lives their own divine expression full of joy and devotion. This essence brings you into contact with the potential of completion and strengthens it allowing your own path to unfold. The essence opens the gates to heaven and Earth through which all supporting energy that is needed can come into your life. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment lets you take your steps, carried by the golden light, focussed on your goal. It touches the core of your being and helps you to live your core qualities. It promotes the recognition of yourself and all others as an embodiment of divine love. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment lets you dive into your complete soul potential so that you may be enthused and prepared to fulfil your tasks. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment grants complete visions of the Golden Age; and it brings you into contact with the golden lotus levels, which enable the manifestation in the Earth’s structures. It also brings you into contact with the golden heart as a new creation level in the heart chakra, enabling you to dive into divine truth and to grasp your complete incarnation task. It grants the gift of being carried by the golden waves and contains divine peace in its completeness.  

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August 2021: 74 Salerno I

On Salerno the soul evolves its light from oneness into individualised God consciousness. Salerno I activates these memories and stages of initiation that you may recall and remember your own light and origin. It allows you to experience the crystallisation of your own light and sound vibration; and connects you with your tasks for this incarnation. It also helps to anchor and manifest light on Earth; and furthers communication with the crystal worlds both on and deep within the Earth. 

New Levels 2012 

Salerno I contains the sound worlds of the new creation and brings you into contact with the light levels which are coming to Earth from the exuding star buddha realms to create new forms. It supports the weaving of the creational pattern; and promotes the crystallisation of light. 

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July 2021: 12 Devotion

Devotion supports you to resolve any level of conflict that you experience to do with willpower. These conflicts often manifest in the spinal column. Devotion essence dissolves limiting layers and frees up the energy flow through the spinal column and enhances and strengthens it. The essence flows into each vertebra and brings light into your whole being. It supports your readiness to continue on your path. It brings your own will into alignment with the divine will. 

Devotion harmonises heaven and Earth within your own body. It helps you realign yourself completely so that you can experience yourself as a mediator between heaven and Earth. It helps you recognise and accept your own true greatness. 


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June 2021: 57 Wisdom of Peace

Wisdom of Peace reconnects you with the highest aspects of peace which are kept in the sun. The sun holds the quality of peace for individuals and universal peace for the Earth. In the centre of the sun there are many training sites. Wisdom of Peace addresses the higher levels of the solar plexus, illuminating it from within. Taking this essence helps you to understand what it means to both experience peace and to be peace. It assists you in using the light of peace consciously for yourself and for others. Wisdom of Peace brings you into contact with the golden light levels and the divine peace which is coming to Earth from Shambala. It contains original information of the golden city in a new form for the current times. On the sun, the golden temple of Agni shines in complete form and it is here that the main crosspoint is located, where all light information comes together, in order for it to come to Earth. 


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May 2021: 64 Goddess of Nature

Goddess of Nature brings you into contact with the new cycles for Earth; making it possible to dive into the new rhythm. It strengthens the female creation power and brings you into contact with the nature temples which are waiting to be re created. The harmony of all earthly creation aspects, which reflect in everything that exists, can be experienced through Goddess of Nature. The creational tools for this new time, as well as the light realms which are stored in Earth, can be accessed. Goddess of Nature promotes communication with all nature beings and kingdoms on Earth; and supports the worshipping of the Great Mother. 

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April 2021: 102 Divine Fire

This essence carries the energy of the divine fire which is the origin of all that is. Creation emerges from the original divine fires. This essence brings you into contact with this original power to nourish your soul and to enhance your connection to your own heaven. It gives you the strength to follow your own path and to achieve your goals. 

Divine Fire fuels the creational fire in all chakras. It frees your path so that you can connect with your own origin and at the same time align yourself with your goals. This essence penetrates all human limitations. It grants liberation and supports you in living your creation power. Divine Fire frees the soul from the entanglements of the past; and it strengthens the presence of light and love. 


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