Starlight Essence of the month

Each month, Deborah chooses a Starlight Essence that is especially supportive for the current time. This is an essence that you can use on a daily basis, even in addition to other essences or sprays that you may be using. 

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April 2018: 15 Silver Line



Silver Line brings healing, renewal and regeneration into your astral body. It fills in any gaps or cracks that have appeared and creates a silver layer both in and around it. Silver Line awakens the memory of your own divinity. It helps you to tune into the higher frequencies of your spiritual teachers and the angelic realms when you visit training sites during your astral journeys at night. This essence forms a protective membrane on the surface of the astral body so that nothing strange can invade during astral journeys.

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March 2018: 92 Pleiad White

Pleiad White contains colour frequencies which cannot be found on Earth. This essence enables the frequencies of the Pleiades to flow into your chakra system bringing an alignment and expansion; and raising your vibration. This essence also facilitates access to the energy technologies from the time of Atlantis which want to be established in a new form on Earth. Pleiad White contains the knowledge of the sun and the crystal worlds.


New Levels 2012

This essence helps you to fully live your own light presence in these new times. Pleiad White makes it possible to dive into the light of the white avatars and the new creation levels; and it also brings you into contact with the light which wants to come to Earth from other dimensions and from the central sun.

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February 2018: 7 Pure Green

Pure Green fills the heart chakra with the pure light of the heart chakra of creation. The heart chakra is the place from which unconditional love, as well as healing, manifests. It is the place where the truth is found; and it allows you to understand yourself as a co-creator.


Pure Green removes blockages from the heart and frees unconditional love, helping you to bring heaven and Earth together in your heart’s centre. There you can experience yourself as a pure being, beyond time and space. Pure Green helps you to find love within yourself and to share it.


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January 2018: 19 Spiritual Dignity

Spiritual Dignity illuminates the emotional body and aligns it to the spiritual worlds.

It invites higher vibrations and divine energies into your emotional body to fill you completely.

Spiritual Dignity helps you to take responsibility for your emotions and to stop taking on other people’s energy or the vibrations of the collective consciousness. This essence lifts you up beyond human limitations in order to reconnect you with the cosmic energies of joy and bliss.

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December 2017: 70 Anega

Anega helps you to connect with your own starlight. Each soul has their

unique starlight dress which was woven in Salerno. Anega awakens the

memory of this light to bring alignment and access to your own starlight


New Levels 2012

Anega promotes the awakening and unification of your own starlight

presence. It helps in the shaping of your new light body as the light

gown of the soul receives a manifest earthly form.

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November 2017: 109 Divine Laughter

This essence carries the quality of divine laughter. It takes you

into the higher levels so that you can perceive yourself and your life from

this divine perspective. This essence lets you take part in the cosmic joy. Completely detached from earthly experiences, Divine Laughter awakens the ability to laugh. It brings joy for creation itself and for taking part in it.


This essence allows all daily matters to take a step back and frees your own divine core. Self-imposed boundaries dissolve. In this laughter, nothing but divine joy can last. This essence helps you to completely be in the here and now and to see the world with God’s laughing eyes.

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October 2017: 67 Magenta

Magenta reconnects you with your divine guidance, your creation purpose and your divine plan on all levels. It helps you to recognise the next steps on your path and to act upon them granting liberation and freeing you from the worlds of illusion. Magenta supports you in all phases of transition and transformation by reminding you of your own immortal light; and it opens gates so that you may enter new spaces. This essence connects you with the original shamanic wisdom in pure form. It supports everyone who travels in other realms or communicates with spirits, to do so with clarity, without getting lost and in alignment with divine law.


New Levels 2012

Magenta brings you into contact with the leadership levels of light so that the abundance of light in the new times becomes tangible and can be expressed through you in all areas of your life. Magenta supports a life of abundance in alignment with divine natural law; and through this essence new light structures are formed and new networks are created. This essence also enables access to star knowledge; and supports you as you travel through dimensional gates.

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September 2017: 38 Senefa

Sanefa carries the healing information of Sirius. There are healing

temples on Sirius, where healing takes place with light and knowledge

of different creation eras is kept. This is where the initiations for

the healers, who work with the pure light of the origin, take place. It enhances the flow of light in order to be a pure healing channel. It supports any kind of energetic healing. Sanefa awakens the memory of being able to heal light with light. Healing angels from Sirius support the spaces, where this healing can take place. Sanefa is helpful when establishing healing temples.

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August 2017: 88 Phtolomeus

Phtolomeus supports the brain currents and activates idle areas and potentials. It enables the light receptors of your nerve cells to be able to adapt to the increased light emissions from the cosmos. 

Phtolomeus increases your learning ability and receptiveness and brings a new way of knowledge acquisition. Phtolomeus enables a synchronisation between starlight levels and earthly structures. It supports you in receiving and realising the light impulses from the Divine Throne.

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July 2017: 46 Sunara

Sunara harmonises the inner and the outer voice. It has a supportive effect on all levels of the throat chakra. This essence enhances awareness of the spoken word and its power. It frees your inner and outer communication from any limitations. 

It supports your throat chakra to create light from sound and to condense the light in such a way that new sound bodies can emerge on Earth. Sunara helps you sing for others, bringing light as sound into the physical body and the energy bodies thereby enabling change.


New Levels 2012

Sunara promotes communication with future light levels, which are coming from the starlight worlds to Earth. It brings a greater expansion of your own light presence and the pure essence of your being. The harmony of creation can be experienced. Sunara allows access to the creation song, which is beginning to sound on Earth, and which unites with the heavenly praise.

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