Starlight Essence of the month

Each month, Deborah chooses a Starlight Essence that is especially supportive for the current time. This is an essence that you can use on a daily basis, even in addition to other essences or sprays that you may be using. 

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May 2019: 73 Samiva

Samiva brings an amazing awakening and a discovery of the boundlessness of your own light. It helps the physical body to tune in to these frequencies and it helps you to leave behind identification with old limited ways of living on Earth. This essence makes your physical body translucent so that it can carry the high frequency vibration of your soul’s light and it allows you to experience yourself as a being of light with unlimited possibility. Samiva enhances the ability to be both body and light at the same time, allowing you to experience lightness without losing contact with the Earth. 


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April 2019: 105 Divine Harmony

This essence connects you with the original sound of creation. All that is, is vibration and sound. Divine harmony is the foundation out of which the manifold sound patterns and frequencies of all beings and worlds are formed.

This essence allows you to attune yourself to the divine worlds of sound, to create harmonious resonances and to penetrate the light nets on Earth with them so that new resonances for light, love and peace can arise. When everybody lives in harmony with their own divine energy, it brings harmonious circumstances into life situations. This essence balances dissonances in your energy system and in rooms. It lifts the soul and helps you to find your own harmonious expression.

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March 2019: 95 Divine Humour

Divine Humour comes from the joyful flow of divine light which is expressed in the diversity of creation. Completely detached from the polarising forces on Earth, Divine Humour reminds you of your own divinity. This essence grants insights from a higher level thus making it easier to connect with your own light and joy. The essence helps you not to take yourself too seriously or to give too much power to situations in your life; and it helps you in finding solutions from the level of unity. Divine Humour awakens the consciousness for the great cosmic game helping you to find your own joyful expression and to bring it into your life. Divine Humour brings guidance that you may live your life harmoniously in accordance with the divine plan. Divine Humour frees you from being stuck in certain situations and patterns helping you to shape your life through happiness. 

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February 2019: 13 Equilibre

Equilibre supports the currents in the brain and restores balance. It enhances the flow between the left and right hemisphere. Equilibre helps you to integrate more light; and it supports a free flow of thoughts. 

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January 2019: 110 Divine Vision

This essence brings you into contact with divine visions which exist completely untouched by time and space and beyond all ideas, wishes or opinions. It is one of the greatest gifts to be able to dive into this level. Each divine vision is perfect and complete, granting insights into your divine plan and the purpose, goals and tasks of your divine being. The essence lets you dive into the divine dream of creation which has an importance for your own world and your life. This is where your own creation levels start to communicate and unfold. 


Through this divine essence, these visions can be experienced through your earthly form, and then made manifest. Words are too limited to describe the completeness and perfection of divine visions. When you open yourself up to them and allow yourself to be touched by their purity, beauty and perfection, they fill your heart with joy; and then head for manifestation. 

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December 2018: 49 Rose Primary

Rose Primary contains the purest vibration of the rose, infused with an indescribable scent, coming to Earth from the light garden of Venus. Rose Primary opens up your heart to this vibration and reconnects you with the energies of Venus. It activates a sublime energy of love in your heart not comparable to anything on Earth. Rose Primary unfolds the petals in the higher levels of the heart chakra and attunes them to the vibrations of light and love from Venus until they radiate in their own perfect light. On Venus there is a garden of light and from this garden there comes to Earth the purest vibration of the rose. Rose Primary uplifts and lightens the emotional body making deep healing possible. It is a key to the mastery of the heart chakra. 

New Levels 2012 


Rose Primary contains the manifestation levels of the heart chakra, which have only existed on Venus until now. It brings you into contact with the light seeds, which have been planted on Earth, to be able to create new forms. These light seeds can be accessed through the heart chakra where they can be nurtured and allowed to blossom. 

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November 2018: 86 Pleiadian Dreams

Pleiadian Dreams creates a connection to the original light of the Dreamtime. In Dreamtime the eternal laws of the cosmos and respect for all beings exist together. This essence supports visionary dreams and awakens memories of the Pleiades, where beings dream their creations into reality, enabling you to connect with divine visions with such clarity that the manifestation process can begin. This essence helps you to manifest your own light form in accordance with divine law. It creates unity among soul families and awakens consciousness of the light networks; fostering connections and communication. 

New Levels 2012 

Pleiadian Dreams contains the new light levels of the Dreamtime and brings you into contact with creational impulses from source, the pure unformed being. With it, it is possible to receive complete visions. It provides connection to the divine throne and Shambala; and it carries the knowledge levels from the original times as well as bringing you into contact with the complete order for this new Golden Age. 

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October 2018: 117 MaRa's Blue-Golden Light

MaRa’s Blue-Golden Light carries the energy of MaRa, Mother of Light, in its purest form. It connects you with your own divine ray of manifestation. It enables you to find peace and to bring heaven to Earth. This essence supports you in taking your true place and surrendering to the eternal cycle of the Divine Mother. It brings the comfort of the Divine Mother that comes from following the natural flow. MaRa’s Blue-Golden Light gives you the confidence to follow your path without wavering. 



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September 2018: 77 Ananda Ma

Ananda Ma connects you with the eternal bliss of creation. It awakens the memory that this is the original state of divine being; it is the natural home of the soul. There are no words to describe this blissful happiness as earthly happiness cannot compare. Ananda Ma penetrates all layers filling you completely with eternal bliss so that you may bring it into your life; and it helps you to experience the flow of your own divinity in each moment through your connection with oneness. 


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August 2018: 103 Divine Love

This essence lets you be carried by divine love. This divine love sets no conditions and exists in the heart of every being. It embraces and carries all. This essence is the primordial presence of the Divine Mother in all creation; she gives birth to and nourishes all life. This essence fills the need for attention and love. It contains the purest vibration of love which unites all worlds; and brings deep healing and the experience of being carried and supported. In the divine love, there is no separation, all is complete. 


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