Deborah’s Starlight Essences®

This page gives you an overview about all the different essence groups.


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Level 1

Foundation Essences

They grant overall support; promoting well-being and stimulating a natural flow of energy whilst supporting your connection to the spiritual world. 


1 Vital Light

2 Blue Drop

3 Spiritual Connection

Chakra Essences

They carry the creation information of the seven chakras, bringing an increase of energy and a new balance. 


4 Pure Red

5 Pure Orange

6 Pure Yellow

7 Pure Green

8 Pure Light Blue

9 Pure Royal Blue

10 Pure Violet

Physical Body

Supporting the receptiveness for light in the body these essences encourage a harmonious flow and the establishment of a natural balance.


11 Body Light

12 Devotion

13 Equilibre

Astral Body

Clearing energetic imbalances and helping you to be centred, these essences fill gaps and stimulate the energy flow between the astral body and the physical body; thus enhancing a stronger presence. 


14 Astral Refuge

15 Silver Line

Emotional Body

These bring balance, healing and transformation through the illumination of your emotional body. They free you from dependencies and bonds by bringing an increased awareness for dealing with your emotions. The essences clear the emotional resonance field and awaken new resonances for light. 


16 Emotional Balance

17 Emotional Booster
18 Emotional Protection
19 Spiritual Dignity
20 Angels' Dust

Mental Body

These bring light and inspiration to your thoughts, calmness to your mind and support for positive thinking. They clear your perception channels and stimulate receptiveness for guidance and inspiration from the spiritual world. 


21 Mental Structure

22 Mental Uplift

23 Mental Enlightenment

24 God's Idea

Causal Body

These grant healing and transformation for karmic aspects; and they connect you with the qualities and potential of your soul helping you to bring them into your life. 


25 Flower Grace

26 Mother's Child

27 Causal Collapse

28 Eternity

29 Delight

30 Baba's Grace

31 Agni's Fire

Level 2

With these 62 essences from the 10 different star systems, you have the opportunity to come into contact with your own light, potential, visions and dreams so that you can become aware of, and remember, your unique path. These essences show the pathways which the soul has already travelled in the starlight worlds and what is important for the current incarnation. They awaken the light seeds, the memory of your own being, your own origin and your goal.


Containing knowledge, cycles of light and levels of healing from Sirius; these strengthen the connection to your own light being, bringing higher frequencies of light into your chakras.


32 Aldebra

33 Mykos

34 Sirius

35 Nedebra

36 Mundra

37 Kastebran

38 Sanefa

39 Kastelbaran

40 Monasta

41 Serana



Opening the perception for starlight these essences bring you into contact with divine natural law, supporting its establishment so that everything is as it should be. These essences grant access to the starlight worlds and re-connect you with the initiation cycles of Orion.


42 Devana

43 Orion Mystery

44 Kalisan

45 Camran

46 Sunara

47 Seneva

48 Or


Containing knowledge and light from Venus these essences bring you into contact with the light of Christ. They help you to unfold the creation levels of light in your heart chakra and strengthen the fire of love in your heart. With these essences it becomes easier to dive into the unity of fire, love and light; and out of this trinity, new creation begins.


49 Rose Primary

50 Christ

51 Fire of Venus


These essences bring a stronger presence of light and love and help you to establish fields of light through which darkness can be transformed. They also promote higher awareness and perception training for the flow of energy and energy presence; and support energetic Feng Shui.


52 Xerius Protection

53 Xerana

54 Light of Xerius

55 Hrimanue

56 Symbiosis


Connecting you with the light of the sun these essences bring support for your path and for reaching your goals; they promote peace and help you to take your place in the divine plan; stimulating a joyful flow which helps you to live your potential.


57 Wisdom of Peace

58 Wisdom of Freedom

59 Wisdom of Sunray

60 Spiritual Centering

61 Wisdom of Eternity

62 Wisdom of Destiny

63 Ganesha

Lemuria Moon

These essences carry the light and the healing information of the Divine Mother, the universal mother, and strengthen the female creation energy. By bringing you into contact with the natural cycles and the light levels of the moon, ancient wisdom becomes accessible for this new time. They also bring you into contact with the light realms of nature and Earth; and enhance the cleansing, and raising of the energy quality, of all waters.


64 Goddess of Nature

65 Goddess of Purity

66 Goddess of Lemuria


Containing the light and creation information from the cosmic temple of unity these essences bring you into contact with the abundance of light, and your own origin. They support you to take part in creation from the level of unity and to manifest light on Earth. The lightness of your own being can be experienced with these essences.


67 Magenta

68 Oturnio

69 Taurus II

70 Anega

71 Archangel Michael

72 Archangel Gabriel

73 Samiva

74 Salerno I

75 Salerno II


These essences carry the light information from the origin of creation and grant insights into your soul, awakening resonances for your own creation power and connecting you with eternal bliss. They grant non-polar insights from the light worlds of the avatars.


76 Krishna's Mouth

77 Ananda Ma

78 Sananda Dharma

79 Agni's Eyes

80 Triada


These support you to be present in the Here and Now. They enhance communication with the spiritual world; help you to recognise time windows; and give insights into your soul’s path.


81 Actual Presence

82 Window of Eternity

83 Timeless


These strengthen the connection and direct communication with the light and creation cycles of the Pleiades, promoting a synchronisation between the Pleiades and Earth; and helping to establish new light networks. They support the increase of vibration and the light ascension in the body, awakening new resonance levels for starlight; and bringing you into contact with the healing and creation knowledge of the light worlds. They stimulate the adaption of the physical body to the light body.


84 Lossum

85 Lotus

86 Pleiadian Dreams

87 Ephimris

88 Phtolomeus

89 Symphasis

90 Seven One

91 Pleiad Blue

92 Pleiad White

93 Kyrea

21 Divine Qualities

These essences represent the pure golden light of Heaven. They enable you to experience Heaven on Earth; and they help you remember your own divinity and to re-connect with it, so that inherent qualities can be strengthened or gifts from Heaven can be brought to Earth. The light of these essences permeates all levels of being and grants healing from the non-polar worlds; the eternal undying light. They support a conscious awakening and reassuming of your own creator power and the opening for the light of Heaven so that it can find expression on Earth.


94 Divine Grace

95 Divine Humour

96 Divine Prosperity

97 Divine Delight

98 Divine Protection

99 Divine Consciousness

100 Divine Truth

101 Divine Peace

102 Divine Fire

103 Divine Love

104 Divine Perfection

105 Divine Harmony

106 Divine Freedom

107 Divine Boundlessness

108 Divine Ecstasy

109 Divine Laughter

110 Divine Vision

111 Divine Equilibrium

112 Heaven and Earth

113 Sai Baba's Fulfilment

114 Eternal Love

White Goddesses

These essences contain levels of light, healing and creation from the Divine Mother that allow you to feel carried and protected so that you can progress into your own creation levels. They support healing and the liberation of the female creation energy for individuals, for systems and for Earth; and help you to find your own expression so that you can live your life joyfully. Each of these essences contains the pure light worlds of the goddess.


115 Durga's Kindness

116 Kali's Transformation

117 MaRa's Blue-Golden Light

118 Sita's Pure Heart

119 Shalimar's Vision of Eternity

120 Sera Ma's Golden Red Light

121 Vasama's Creation Power

122 Insha's Healing Essence

123 Marie Blanche's Untouched Love

124 Sara's Christ Love