Starlight Sprays

Some of the Starlight Essences are also available as room & aura sprays. In the aura, they can be sprayed into the corresponding energy body or intuitively where needed. In rooms, they change the energy field according to their purpose to create a harmonious space for everyone.

Foundation Sprays

2 Blue Drop

2 Blue Drop Spray
Blue Drop is calming and balancing. It provides a protective energetic space in which you can re-establish your equilibrium. If you are in very difficult or stressful situations or are going through changes in your life, Blue Drop helps you ... (Read More)
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3 Spiritual Connection

3 Spiritual Connection Spray
Spiritual Connection reminds you that you are a spiritual being. It reconnects you both with your light and with the spiritual realms. It helps you to realign yourself to your own light and to awaken in your spiritual power. ... (Read More)
From £24.80

Astral Body Sprays

14 Astral Refuge

14 Astral Refuge Spray
Astral Refuge reconnects the physical body with the astral body increasing your awareness of the latter and stimulating the flow of energy and communication between the two. In some shock situations the astral body is catapu ... (Read More)
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15 Silver Line

15 Silver Line Spray
Silver Line brings healing, renewal and regeneration into your astral body. It fills in any gaps or cracks that have appeared and creates a silver layer both in and around it. Silver Line awakens the memory of your own divin ... (Read More)
From £24.80

Emotional Body Sprays

16 Emotional Balance

16 Emotional Balance Spray
Emotional Balance contains all the colour frequencies of the emotional body. It brings balance so that each emotion can return to its defined place within the emotional body. It soothes and calms all emotional imbalances. By ... (Read More)
From £24.80

17 Emotional Booster

17 Emotional Booster Spray
Emotional Booster dissolves blockages within the emotional body caused by old wounds, conflicts and traumatic experiences. It is very important to free the emotional body from these blockages as otherwise - according to the ... (Read More)
From £24.80

18 Emotional Protection

18 Emotional Protection Spray
Emotional Protection provides a protective cover of golden light around the emotional body. It helps you to be in harmony with yourself and to perceive the world differently from this state. Emotional Protection furthers your understanding t ... (Read More)
From £24.80

19 Spiritual Dignity

19 Spiritual Dignity Spray
Spiritual Dignity illuminates the emotional body and aligns it to the spiritual worlds. It invites higher vibrations and divine energies into your emotional body to fill you completely. Spiritual Dignity helps you to take re ... (Read More)
From £24.80

20 Angels' Dust

20 Angels' Dust
Angels’ Dust raises the vibration in the emotional body. It is a gift from the realm of the angels which illuminates the emotional body. It brings you into contact with frequencies of light which free you from human limitations. Angels’ Dust ... (Read More)
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Mental Body Sprays

21 Mental Structure

21 Mental Structure Spray
Mental Structure brings clarity and alignment to your thoughts by structuring the different levels in the mental body which in turn helps you to think more clearly. This structuring helps you take in information without the feeling of being ... (Read More)
From £24.80

22 Mental Uplift

22 Mental Uplift Spray
Mental Uplift brings clarity and guidance into your thoughts as it raises the vibration of the mental body. In stressful or difficult situations when your capacity to think has been slowed down, or become stationary, this essence helps to cl ... (Read More)
From £24.80

23 Mental Enlightenment

23 Mental Enlightenment Spray
Mental Enlightenment realigns you with your own higher guidance. It clears the way for inspiration and intuition to come through; thus helping you to achieve your personal growth and goals. Mental pathways are opened up again and you come in ... (Read More)
From £24.80

24 God's Idea

24 God's Idea Spray
God’s Idea connects you with your divine guidance and divine visions. It brings your mental body into unison with your own divinity so that impulses and information from the divine levels can come through in their pure form. The light of thi ... (Read More)
From £24.80

Causal Body Sprays

25 Flower Grace

25 Flower Grace
Flower Grace brings healing frequencies and light information from the flower kingdom into the causal body. It brings transformation into limiting structures and grants the relief and healing of old wounds. It lets you exper ... (Read More)
From £24.80

26 Mother's Child

26 Mother's Child
Mother’s Child connects you with the Divine Mother. It supports you to place yourself quite consciously under her care and protection; and creates a place of safety and acceptance. This essence strengthens your trust as it a ... (Read More)
From £24.80

27 Causal Collapse

27 Causal Collapse
Sometimes you get into situations in your life where the karmic patterns are affecting you so deeply that you feel completely stuck. In these situations Causal Collapse brings you back into alignment and helps you to find so ... (Read More)
From £24.80

28 Eternity

28 Eternity Spray
Eternity brings light into the causal body allowing you to receive insights from a higher perspective about your own development; and circumstances in your life. Certain experiences can be brought into perspective enabling y ... (Read More)
From £24.80

29 Delight

29 Delight Spray
Delight illuminates the causal body so that it is able to integrate higher frequencies of light and increase its vibration accordingly. Delight helps you to no longer identify with karmic structures; and it brings new possib ... (Read More)
From £24.80

30 Baba's Grace

30 Baba's Grace Spray
Baba’s Grace is a gift from Sai Baba to mankind. It dissolves karmic blocks and brings transformation. Carried by the light of grace you can leave karmic fields behind; and with the support of this essence you can take a gre ... (Read More)
From £24.80

Feng Shui Sprays

These are especially helpful to clear rooms and objects of old and stagnant energies and to enhance a positive flow. We have put together Feng Shui Sets which are great for travelling and to make sure the rooms you're in have a clear and supportive energy. All of our Starlight Sprays create a positive surrounding, but the Feng Shui Sprays focus on clearing negative energy and creating a good energetic foundation in the area where they are used.

31 Agni's Fire Spray

31 Agni's Fire Spray
Agni’s Fire brings the divine fire of Agni into the causal body where it burns away karmic blocks; and creates a protective layer. Agni’s Fire increases your awareness of the light and lets you experience the fire of love in resonance with y ... (Read More)
From £24.80

52 Xerius Protection

52 Xerius Protection Spray
Xerius Protection is a protective essence which fills all your energy bodies and helps to build up and strengthen your own levels of protection. It supports all people who work with and are committed to the light. It is especially helpful fo ... (Read More)
From £24.80

53 Xerana Feng Shui

53 Xerana Feng Shui Spray
Xerana Feng Shui Spray cleans stagnant energy from rooms, clears negative energy fields and creates a neutral atmosphere. Residues and old information, which have been left by others in the room, are instantly removed by the strong light-pow ... (Read More)
From £24.80

53 Xerana Cleanse

53 Xerana Cleanse Spray
Xerana Cleanse Spray rids items of old energies making them neutral for the user. It is particularly useful for second-hand clothes, old jewellery, antiques etc. and especially for stones and crystals as they take up and store energies very ... (Read More)
From £24.80

Chakra Sprays

The Chakra Sprays contain the complete light information of the seven chakras (energy centres of the physical body). They fill the chakras with their corresponding creational energy and thereby correct any deficit. They encourage awakening to your own light and the conscious use of your own life energy. They can be sprayed in front of the corresponding chakra and into the room to enhance the specific chakra energy for everyone.

4 Pure Red

Pure Red Spray
004 Pure Red Spray   Pure Red Spray fills the root chakra with the red light. It has a strong vitalising power. It helps to consciously connect with the power of Mother Earth and the power of earth fire. It promotes steadfastne ... (Read More)
From £24.80

5 Pure Orange

005 Pure Orange Spray
Pure Orange fills the sacral chakra with orange light encouraging you to take action. It enhances courage and confidence in your own power. This essence helps to release the past, enabling you to look forward and to manifest inner visions in ... (Read More)
From £24.80

6 Pure Yellow

006 Pure Yellow Spray
Pure Yellow fills the solar plexus chakra with radiant sun-yellow light. It brings peace into this chakra and helps you to say ‘Yes’ to your own life. It supports you to take your place in life and to integrate all the different parts of you ... (Read More)
From £24.80

7 Pure Green

007 Pure Green Spray
Pure Green fills the heart chakra with the pure light of the heart chakra of creation. The heart chakra is the place from which unconditional love, as well as healing, manifests. It is the place where the truth is found; and it allows you to ... (Read More)
From £24.80

8 Pure Light Blue

008 Pure Light Blue Spray
Pure Light Blue fills the throat chakra with the radiant light blue of the sky. It frees and expands the throat chakra. It helps you to allow this expansion and to open yourself for the divine. This essence enables you to experience the free ... (Read More)
From £24.80

9 Pure Royal Blue

009 Pure Royal Blue Spray
Pure Royal Blue fills the brow chakra with indigo blue light. It brings brightness, calmness and clarity in order to support your perception. It promotes your ability to discriminate and make distinctions, and assists you in the recognition ... (Read More)
From £24.80

10 Pure Violet

10 Pure Violet Spray
Pure Violet fills the lotus chakra with purple light. It connects you to the divine light and guidance. It supports you in your devotion to the divine and to open yourself for transformation. Pure Violet helps you to overcome feelings of sep ... (Read More)
From £24.80

Divine Qualities

These 21 sprays carry divine qualities, which immediately disperse themselves into the room or aura after application, and are taken up according to each person’s own resonance. They encourage a balance of body, mind and soul; and support soul development. In rooms, they enhance the atmosphere and promote the focus towards the divine light.

94 Divine Grace

094 Divine Grace Spray
Divine Grace carries the qualities of the creator and the Divine Mother. It is an eternally dispersing light, which grants liberation and is uplifting. The divine grace starts to flow when your heart reaches out for God in devotion. All that ... (Read More)
From £24.80

95 Divine Humour

095 Divine Humour Spray
Divine Humour comes from the joyful flow of divine light which is expressed in the diversity of creation. Completely detached from the polarising forces on Earth, Divine Humour reminds you of your own divinity. This essence grants insights f ... (Read More)
From £24.80

96 Divine Prosperity

096 Divine Prosperity Spray
Divine Prosperity carries the abundance of light and divine wealth. To be able to live this quality means to be completely connected with the original energy of your own light, the core principle of creation indigenous to your own origin. Th ... (Read More)
From £24.80

97 Divine Delight

097 Divine Delight Spray
Divine Delight lets you experience the diversity of the divine creation impulses and the endless joy for the levels of light that enter creation. This essence lifts your vibration and re-connects you with your own origin allowing your aura t ... (Read More)
From £24.80

98 Divine Protection

098 Divine Protection Spray
Divine Protection achieves a high level of protection by compressing your divine presence, creating a stronger energy field that includes all of your energy bodies and your physical body. In this energy field it is easier to be true to yours ... (Read More)
From £24.80

99 Divine Consciousness

099 Divine Consciousness Spray
Divine Consciousness connects you with the consciousness of unity in which creator and creation are one. In the divine consciousness everything can be experienced simultaneously; and here you can dive into an endless stream of knowledge and ... (Read More)
From £24.80

100 Divine Truth

100 Divine Truth Spray
This essence connects you with divine truth, which is a clear, penetrating and imperturbable light that is anchored in the divine throne and has its equivalent in our heart chakra. To be connected with the divine truth means to know exactly ... (Read More)
From £24.80

101 Divine Peace

101 Divine Peace Spray
Divine Peace contains the quality of the original essence of peace and has a pure golden light. It dissolves anything that stands in its way bringing you into contact with its innermost core and achieving a harmonisation between yourself and ... (Read More)
From £24.80

102 Divine Fire

102 Divine Fire Spray
This essence carries the energy of the divine fire which is the origin of all that is. Creation emerges from the original divine fires. This essence brings you into contact with this original power to nourish your soul and to enhance your co ... (Read More)
From £24.80

103 Divine Love

103 Divine Love Spray
This essence lets you be carried by divine love. This divine love sets no conditions and exists in the heart of every being. It embraces and carries all. This essence is the primordial presence of the Divine Mother in all creation; she gives ... (Read More)
From £24.80

104 Divine Perfection

104 Divine Perfection Spray
This essence carries the quality of divine perfection. In the original state of creation all is created perfectly. This is where each soul has their own individual divine expression. All aspects are in alignment with each other and in perfec ... (Read More)
From £24.80

105 Divine Harmony

105 Divine Harmony Spray
This essence connects you with the original sound of creation. All that is, is vibration and sound. Divine harmony is the foundation out of which the manifold sound patterns and frequencies of all beings and worlds are formed. This essence a ... (Read More)
From £24.80

106 Divine Freedom

106 Divine Freedom Spray
This essence carries the energy of divine freedom which empowers you to live your own creation power. Divine freedom is just as much a part of your complete soul potential as are your own colours and sounds of light. It is a gift and task at ... (Read More)
From £24.80

107 Divine Boundlessness

107 Divine Boundlessness Spray
This essence brings you into contact with divine boundlessness which is the natural state of unity. In unity of creation – in the simultaneity of being – all can be experienced in one moment; and an endless expansion of light and love, and e ... (Read More)
From £24.80

108 Divine Ecstasy

108 Divine Ecstasy Spray
This essence carries the energy of divine ecstasy which is an expression of the coming together of guidance and devotion. In this fusion the energies of creator connect with creation. In this moment divine bliss emerges. This ecstatic light ... (Read More)
From £24.80

109 Divine Laughter

109 Divine Laughter Spray
This essence carries the quality of divine laughter. This laughter is the foundation for divine joy in all creation. It is mirrored in the laughing Buddha. This essence lets you take part in the cosmic joy. It takes you into the higher level ... (Read More)
From £24.80

110 Divine Vision

110 Divine Vision Spray
This essence brings you into contact with divine visions which exist completely untouched by time and space and beyond all ideas, wishes or opinions. It is one of the greatest gifts to be able to dive into this level. Each divine vision is p ... (Read More)
From £24.80

111 Divine Equilibrium

111 Divine Equilibrium Spray
This essence carries the energy of divine equilibrium, awakening your memory and bringing a new flow so that everything can return to its inherent place; making it easier for you to follow your own divine natural law and divine guidance. Tha ... (Read More)
From £24.80

112 Heaven and Earth

112 Heaven and Earth Spray
This essence carries the energy of unity, of heaven and Earth, removing any separation. It helps you to bring the light of heaven to Earth and to penetrate Earth with it, unlocking creation levels. This can be experienced in all your chakras ... (Read More)
From £24.80

113 Sai Baba's Fulfilment

113 Sai Baba's Fulfilment Spray
Sai Baba’s grace and endless abundance of light can be contacted through this essence. Sai Baba, as a divine incarnation, described in the Vedas, appeared as an incarnation on Earth to deliver God’s promise: the promise of the completion of ... (Read More)
From £24.80

114 Eternal Love

114 Eternal Love Spray
This essence contains the energy of eternal love, the original source of all that is. Everything that lives emerges from it, everything is sustained by it and everything returns to it. Eternal love is the original essence of creation. Eterna ... (Read More)
From £24.80

Shakti Sprays

The Shakti Sprays contain 10 different expressions of Shakti, of the pure female creation energy. They pour out of the heavens of the divine mother in order to bring new light impulses from the heavens of the white goddesses. They are like the 10 rays in which each embodies single aspects which are essential for the creation of the golden age. The Shakti Sprays carry the pure exuding and supporting light. When they are sprayed into the aura or into a room, the being carried and supported in the arms of the divine mother can be experienced. They strengthen your own light, your own energy presence and bring healing and transformation. They are especially supportive for the Shakti Fire Priestesses. All rituals that are dedicated to the Shakti energy are lifted by this energy in order to be connected to the pure heavenly aspects.

115 Durga's Kindness

115 Durga's Kindness Shakti Spray
Durga’s Kindness Shakti Spray contains the Maha Shakti Levels that are embodied and come to Earth through Durga. It lets you experience the gifts of the divine mother in her omnipresent presence; and to dive into your own completeness. ... (Read More)
From £24.80

116 Kali's Transformation

116 Kali's Transformation Shakti Spray
Kali’s Transformation Shakti Spray contains the all penetrating transformation power of Kali and enhances the worshipping of her destructive aspects, which create and allow space for the new; and it lets you actively take part in accordance ... (Read More)
From £24.80

117 MaRa's Blue-Golden Light

117 MaRa's Blue-Golden Light Shakti Spray
MaRa’s Blue-Golden Light Shakti Spray contains the creation levels of the pure Shakti that come to Earth through the mother of light. It is supportive for the Shakti fires in the tradition of MaRa and also for the Ephesus women and their rit ... (Read More)
From £24.80

118 Sita's Pure Heart

118 Sita's Pure Heart Shakti Spray
Sita’s Pure Heart Shakti Spray carries the creation information of the heart chakra, in its pure form, enhancing the new balance between male and female, Shiva and Shakti. It promotes the expression of pure devotion and stimulates and encour ... (Read More)
From £24.80

119 Shalimar's Vision of Eternity

119 Shalimar's Vision of Eternity Shakti Spray
Shalimar’s Vision of Eternity Shakti Spray brings you into contact with the divine visions for the new time and the harmony of creation and all worlds. It brings you into contact with the pure Shakti, that embodies the divine praise, so you ... (Read More)
From £24.80

120 Sera Ma's Golden-Red Light

120 Sera Ma's Golden-Red Light Shakti Spray
Sera Ma’s Golden-Red Light Shakti Spray enhances the worshipping of the great mother and carries the creation levels of Earth as expressions of her. It deepens the praise of mother Earth and her manifold fruits and nourishing aspects; and st ... (Read More)
From £24.80

121 Vasama's Creation Power

121 Vasama's Creation Power Shakti Spray
Vasama’s Creation Powers Shakti Spray helps you to surrender to the Earth mother and carries her creation levels as embodiment of Shakti. It brings you into contact with the creation tolls and heals hurt creation aspects, enhancing your own ... (Read More)
From £24.80

122 Insha's Healing Essence

122 Insha's Healing Essence Shakti Spray
Insha’s Healing Essence Shakti Spray brings you into contact with your own creation song. It contains the pure levels of Shakti which can be found in all creation rays and the healing light of Insha that perfuses all worlds. It grants and br ... (Read More)
From £24.80

123 Marie Blanche's Untouched Love

123 Marie Blanche's Untouched Love Shakti Spray
Marie Blanche’s Untouched Love Shakti Spray carries the light information of the pure white Shakti which wants to be lived in completed form through the heart chakra. It strengthens the consistency and untouchability of the pure light and pu ... (Read More)
From £24.80

124 Sara's Christ Love

124 Sara's Christ Love Shakti Spray
Sara’s Christ Love Shakti Spray carries the pure Christ love and the Christ light and it cleanses the aura helping you to realign yourself, enhancing the crystalline presence and expression of unconditional love, whilst opening new chambers ... (Read More)
From £24.80

Combined Shakti

Combined Shakti Spray
Combined Shakti is a gift from the Divine Mother to the human kind and Earth. It especially supports one’s own female creational energy, which reaches down from Heaven down to Earth enabling new creation of light on Earth. It has been a long ... (Read More)
From £24.80