Room & Aura Spray: 28 Eternity

28 Eternity Spray

Eternity brings light into the causal body allowing you to receive insights

from a higher perspective about your own development; and

circumstances in your life. Certain experiences can be brought into

perspective enabling you to drop the drama with this new understanding

and you can then accept what happened in a more enlightened way. This

essence helps you come to a place of deeper peace with everything you

face in your life, making it easier for you to follow your life path. It helps

you reach a place of deep self-acceptance by reminding you of your own

eternal light.


New Levels 2012

Eternity enhances your ability to become aware of your own life plan

and supports you in recognising your own path. It helps you to realise

time windows and dimensional gates that are open for your soul.

Eternity allows you to dive into the oneness in which all levels from all

times can be experienced simultaneously.


It can be sprayed in the aura and in rooms. It is available in 30ml and 100ml.


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