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October 2022: 18 Emotional Protection

This month it's a spray. Emotional Protection provides a protective cover of golden light around the emotional body. It helps you to be in harmony with yourself and to perceive the world differently from this state. Emotional Protection furthers your understanding that you are protected by your own light. Emotional Protection supports you to act in ways that are not controlled by your emotions or the emotions of others. The essence helps you to not identify with negative energies around you or taking on other people’s emotions. Emotional Protection strengthens the golden light of your inner core and in your aura and enhances your inner wisdom. 



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September 2022: 23 Mental Enlightenment

This month it's a spray. Mental Enlightenment realigns you with your own higher guidance. It clears the way for inspiration and intuition to come through; thus helping you to achieve your personal growth and goals. Mental pathways are opened up again and you come into contact with your dreams, visions and ideas, ensuring they are not nipped in the bud before they have had a chance to manifest. 

When you get stuck in your daily problems you lose touch with your higher guidance, you may have many ideas, goals and ambitions for your life but if these things fail to materialise you may give up and focus solely on the outside world rather than aligning yourself with your inner knowing and your spiritual guidance. Mental Enlightenment paves the way for you to reconnect with, and realign yourself back to, your higher purpose. Mental Enlightenment can break through the engrained patterns which have built up on Earth collectively and which are maintained by society. 







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August 2022: 25 Flower Grace

Flower Grace brings healing frequencies and light information from the flower kingdom into the causal body. It brings transformation into limiting structures and grants the relief and healing of old wounds. It lets you experience the completeness of your own light. Flower Grace reminds you that you are part of the cycle of creation and it helps you to orientate yourself, as the flowers do, towards the light.






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Special Essence for New Moon

64 Goddess of Nature

Via the moon, a huge amount of light information is coming to Earth this year. This stimulates a new flow of energy which we cannot keep out of our lives. It will bring a lot of change. The Starlight Essence number 64 Goddess of Nature from Lemuria Moon supports you to invite these energies into your life and to be open for the new cycle that is initiated with every new moon. 


64 Goddess of Nature

Goddess of Nature holds ancient knowledge of the cycles of nature and creation on Earth. In the times of Lemuria there were nature temples where the laws of Heaven and Earth were held. This essence aligns yourself and your life with the laws of nature. Goddess of Nature carries deep devotion for Mother Earth; and supports her healing.


We recommend using this essence on the day of the new moon and for the three following days.

  1. Apply one drop on the sacral chakra (front and back), both knees, your heart chakra and both shoulder points (GB 21 points).
  2. Apply one drop each on your thumb and index finger of your right and left hand, and then place your left thumb and index finger on your tailbone and your right thumb and index finger on the back of your head (atlas) and let the energy flow through your spine.
  3. Rub 2-3 drops of the essence into your palms, then put your hands on your kidneys until the energy has been absorbed.
  4. Put one drop in a glass of water and drink it or take one drop of the essence under the tongue.