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September 2017: 38 Senefa

Sanefa carries the healing information of Sirius. There are healing

temples on Sirius, where healing takes place with light and knowledge

of different creation eras is kept. This is where the initiations for

the healers, who work with the pure light of the origin, take place. It enhances the flow of light in order to be a pure healing channel. It supports any kind of energetic healing. Sanefa awakens the memory of being able to heal light with light. Healing angels from Sirius support the spaces, where this healing can take place. Sanefa is helpful when establishing healing temples.

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August 2017: 88 Phtolomeus

Phtolomeus supports the brain currents and activates idle areas and potentials. It enables the light receptors of your nerve cells to be able to adapt to the increased light emissions from the cosmos. 

Phtolomeus increases your learning ability and receptiveness and brings a new way of knowledge acquisition. Phtolomeus enables a synchronisation between starlight levels and earthly structures. It supports you in receiving and realising the light impulses from the Divine Throne.

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July 2017: 46 Sunara

Sunara harmonises the inner and the outer voice. It has a supportive effect on all levels of the throat chakra. This essence enhances awareness of the spoken word and its power. It frees your inner and outer communication from any limitations. 

It supports your throat chakra to create light from sound and to condense the light in such a way that new sound bodies can emerge on Earth. Sunara helps you sing for others, bringing light as sound into the physical body and the energy bodies thereby enabling change.


New Levels 2012

Sunara promotes communication with future light levels, which are coming from the starlight worlds to Earth. It brings a greater expansion of your own light presence and the pure essence of your being. The harmony of creation can be experienced. Sunara allows access to the creation song, which is beginning to sound on Earth, and which unites with the heavenly praise.

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June 2017: 33 Mykos

Mykos brings you into contact with the creation information of your sacral chakra and the quintessential power potentials. It frees the power to live your own light and to move on imperturbably. Mykos contains the power levels of the light. It helps you accept your own power and to bring it into service. It activates your inner power core and helps you to take your own steps. It carries the knowledge about the power of the light and helps to build the new foundation for the Golden Age. It furthers the awakening and reconnection with your true self and helps to let go of dependencies. It helps you to unfold your own divine potentials.

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May 2017: 29 Delight

Delight illuminates the causal body, so it can integrate the higher

frequencies of starlight streaming to Earth, and increase its vibration accordingly. Delight helps you release your identification with karmic structures, thereby bringing new possibilities of looking at and coping with your past. Delight awakens resonances for new light levels according to the new creation flow in the chakras.


New Levels 2012

Delight adjusts your causal body to your hyper-causal body in order for

you to dive into the completeness of your being. It supports the increase

and shift of vibration according to the new light matrix.

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Special Essence for New Moon

64 Goddess of Nature

Via the moon, a huge amount of light information is coming to Earth this year. This stimulates a new flow of energy which we cannot keep out of our lives. It will bring a lot of change. The Starlight Essence number 64 Goddess of Nature from Lemuria Moon supports you to invite these energies into your life and to be open for the new cycle that is initiated with every new moon. 


64 Goddess of Nature

Goddess of Nature holds ancient knowledge of the cycles of nature and creation on Earth. In the times of Lemuria there were nature temples where the laws of Heaven and Earth were held. This essence aligns yourself and your life with the laws of nature. Goddess of Nature carries deep devotion for Mother Earth; and supports her healing.


We recommend using this essence on the day of the new moon and for the three following days.

  1. Apply one drop on the sacral chakra (front and back), both knees, your heart chakra and both shoulder points (GB 21 points).
  2. Apply one drop each on your thumb and index finger of your right and left hand, and then place your left thumb and index finger on your tailbone and your right thumb and index finger on the back of your head (atlas) and let the energy flow through your spine.
  3. Rub 2-3 drops of the essence into your palms, then put your hands on your kidneys until the energy has been absorbed.
  4. Put one drop in a glass of water and drink it or take one drop of the essence under the tongue.