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January 2017: 114 Eternal Love

This essence contains the energy of eternal love, the original source of all that is. Eternal love is the original essence of creation. Eternal Love essence carries this all-penetrating love energy. It brings healing, and completeness, sustained by the endless love of the Divine Mother. This essence lets you dive into your own bliss. 


In connection with the original source, it is possible to awaken and strengthen new qualities in the heart chakra and make these available to Earth. It awakens and strengthens the unconditional love in your heart chakra. From there it flows into all areas of your life. Eternal Love brings new levels of healing.

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December 2016: 50 Christ

Christ activates the resonance levels for the pure Christ light which is expanding more and more on Earth. From the manifold light levels of the universe, the Christ energy is coming to Earth. This essence prepares you for this vibration and frees the layers within and around your heart. It penetrates all levels until it reaches the inner core of the heart chakra in order to free your own radiant light. For Earth, the light of Christ is expanding around the equator to create a protective cover and to carry Earth during this transition into the heart chakra time.


New Levels 2012:

Christ brings you into contact with the white Christ fire, which penetrates all dimensions and carries new creational impulses. It contains leadership levels of light for the new heart-chakra age, granting a greater expansion; and allowing further communication through the heart with other worlds.

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November 2016: 14 Astral Refuge

Astral Refuge strengthens the connection between the physical body and the astral body. It enhances the energy connection between these two bodies and promotes flow on all levels. Astral Refuge helps to become more aware of the astral body. It awakens the memory that you are an energetic being and not limited to your physical form. It eases travel through the astral levels and helps you to completely return after astral journeys. Astral Refuge lets you experience your energy presence in your astral body. It illuminates the astral body. It helps you to be fully centred. It strengthens your energetic power field.

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October 2016: 113 Sai Baba's Fulfilment

Sai Baba's Fulfilment brings you into contact with the potential of completion and strengthens it allowing your own path to unfold. The essence opens the gates to heaven and Earth through which all supporting energy that is needed can come into your life. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment lets you take your steps, carried by the golden light, focussed on your goal. It touches the core of your being and helps you to live your core qualities. It promotes the recognition of yourself and all others as an embodiment of divine love. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment lets you dive into your complete soul potential so that you may be enthused and prepared to fulfil your tasks. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment grants complete visions of the Golden Age; and it brings you into contact with the golden lotus levels, which enable the manifestation in the Earth’s structures. It also brings you into contact with the golden heart as a new creation level in the heart chakra, enabling you to dive into divine truth and to grasp your complete incarnation task. It grants the gift of being carried by the golden waves and contains divine peace in its completeness.

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September 2016: 25 Flower Grace

The realm of the flower kingdom and all of its nature beings hold new healing frequencies for the Golden Age. Flower Grace brings this light information into your energy system, starting at the causal body, to grant healing of old wounds and to bring transformation of old structures. Gentle yet powerful, this light penetrates all layers and reminds you that you are carried in the creation cycles of light. Flower Grace helps you to align with your own light and to invite it into your life. Your own completeness and the support of the flower kingdom can be experienced.

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Special Essence for New Moon

64 Goddess of Nature

Via the moon, a huge amount of light information is coming to Earth this year. This stimulates a new flow of energy which we cannot keep out of our lives. It will bring a lot of change. The Starlight Essence number 64 Goddess of Nature from Lemuria Moon supports you to invite these energies into your life and to be open for the new cycle that is initiated with every new moon. 


64 Goddess of Nature

Goddess of Nature holds ancient knowledge of the cycles of nature and creation on Earth. In the times of Lemuria there were nature temples where the laws of Heaven and Earth were held. This essence aligns yourself and your life with the laws of nature. Goddess of Nature carries deep devotion for Mother Earth; and supports her healing.


We recommend using this essence on the day of the new moon and for the three following days.

  1. Apply one drop on the sacral chakra (front and back), both knees, your heart chakra and both shoulder points (GB 21 points).
  2. Apply one drop each on your thumb and index finger of your right and left hand, and then place your left thumb and index finger on your tailbone and your right thumb and index finger on the back of your head (atlas) and let the energy flow through your spine.
  3. Rub 2-3 drops of the essence into your palms, then put your hands on your kidneys until the energy has been absorbed.
  4. Put one drop in a glass of water and drink it or take one drop of the essence under the tongue.