January 2023: 125 Starlight Lotus Bliss

125 Starlight Lotus Bliss promotes the receptiveness for the new creation impulses and the light levels from the new DNA. It makes the body and the energy system more permeable and stimulates new chi flows in the body and in the different systems. The light receptors experience an adjustment and a harmonious increase in frequency.

Starlight Lotus Bliss contains the frequencies that the heart chakra needs to experience healing, to raise the vibration, to awaken, to unlock and to expand potential and to unfold one's own heart light and unconditional love.

Starlight Lotus Bliss is nourishment for the soul, nourishment for the heart. It helps to arrive in the new flow of creation and to bring it into one’s life.




Daily application in January:

1. Spray twice above the head with the arm outstretched. 

2. Spray with outstretched arm in front of each chakra from Lotus to root chakra. 

3. Then spray clockwise around the body from root to lotus chakra. 

4. Spray in front of and behind your knees. 

5. Spray at spots in your aura, where you sense it’s needed and as well in the room.


(Alternatively you can apply the essence as drops to the places from step 1 to 5).


125 Starlight Lotus Bliss
Application Details
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125 Starlight Lotus Bliss


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